Dome City is on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight

  We now proudly present the start of our Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns. We hope you will find an answer for many of your questions from the attached campaign video and that you still see the project just as we have envisioned it. You can find our Kickstarter campaign here: Kickstarter You can find […] Read more

May, 12, 2016


A Noble Quest: The Idea behind the Dome City

Dear Space Cadets, it’s time to reveal our great mission which led us to embark on this adventure! The idea of game development came alive 2 years ago, popped out of the head by 4 Hungarian sci-fi writers when they chose video game as a platform to publish their works. “As Hungary is a small country, the […] Read more

From retro to cutting edge: Developing the visual style for Dome City

We’re super excited to reveal our wonderful concept artist’s highly detailed artworks of Dome City! Two of the most important locations appear on the concepts; the sharp contrast between the spaceship (TC-08 “Tessa”) and Lanita, the city has a defining storytelling role. Our aim is to showcase a futuristic contrast; as you may have known, […] Read more

Mar, 07, 2016


Cutscene trailer with Petri Alanko’s music

Those who were following our youtube channel or facebook site have already seen it, but let me introduce here our new cutscene trailer video, featuring Ariel, Don and Lars, and the atmosphere of the abandoned city. Along with the scenes we proudly present the stunning melody of Petri Alanko, who composed this piece just for […] Read more

Nov, 25, 2015



Nemere István and The secret of dome city

Our game is based on István Nemere’s work, who – besides hundreds of other novels – wrote ‘The Secret of dome city’ too. Writing has always been part of Nemere’s life; he had remarkable works even in the early school years and as time went by he published more and more –  today almost 600 […] Read more

Sep, 28, 2015


Petri Alanko to score Dome City’s soundtrack

We can proudly announce that Petri Alanko will provide the soundtrack for Dome City, our first-person view sci-fi adventure set on an abandoned city on Mars. The finnish composer, renowned for creating Alan Wake and Trials Fusion soundtracks, has already begun working on the first scores and the team can’t wait to share the wonderful […] Read more

Sep, 25, 2015


Radius Vienna 2015

On the 10th of July we’ve had the chance, and we took it – so early in the morning we’ve headed off to Vienna, and participated in the 2nd Radius Festival. That was our first time as an exhibitor with Dome City, so we were mega-excited about the public’s opinion. Even though we’ve only had […] Read more

Sep, 04, 2015


Presenting Dome City

Welcome to our abandoned home, Dome City, which only waits for you to fully explore it. Although we can’t reveal all the details yet, there are some features for you to hold on to. The game itself is based on István Nemere’s novel “the secret of the Dome City”, and as we’ll keep as many […] Read more

Aug, 22, 2015


First trailer is out!

After long months of hard work we can finally say it’s good enough for us to show you – yes, our first trailer is available now on youtube. This is an in-engine video from the pre-alpha phase, so whilst we know it’s short and you want to see more (and you will soon, we can […] Read more

Aug, 27, 2014